shelbyNETworks   1-800-485-6182


  • Computer and phone systems. switchovers, installations, maintenance, service and monitoring
  • Server/client systems, security, wireless, routing, VPN, websites, email, co-location
  • Dedicated and Business class bundled solutions for voice, data, and television, from over 20 different providers
  • Consulting and retainer services; emergency response, and pre-planned network construction
  • Total solution outsourced IT

Service Providers

  • Vendor Services to connect phone and computer systems to the carrier network
  • Multi-line, extension phone system, TCP/IP, sales, installation, and troubleshooting
  • Quick response and no hassle interface with subscribers


  • Design, troubleshoot, and maintain home network for entertainment, business, or both
  • Connect all home devices to the network in accordance with the owners demands
  • Secure and connect your network to your business for both voice and data connectivity
  • Enjoy the latest technologies such as gaming consoles, downloadable content, and endless other possibilities
  • Building to Building connectivity


  • Design networks for Corporate and Guest networks; separate and secure
  • Design and maintain all phone, TV, and internet systems including state of the art wifi and wimax solutions
  • Update hotels for franchise requirements
  • Remote Monitoring

Land Lords

  • Practical Internet Delivery to your Tenants
  • Tech Support
  • Clean installations
  • Outdoor solutions
  • Building to Building connectivity